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PDF Forests (Expansion Set)

This is the expansion set that extends upon the original Forest Master Set. You would need both in order to make use of this expansion.

A thick wall of trees block passage forcing your adventuring party to take the long way around.

Our forest tile sets are designed to give the most flexibility while putting together woodsy outdoor settings for your pen & paper tabletop adventurers. All forest tiles feature light-green grassy tiled floors set against a wall of dark-green trees.  This tile set also combines seamlessly with our Waters PDF Tile Set.


From my personal experience it's cheaper, faster, less work, and overall better quality if you just bring the PDF to someone like FedEx who offer services ranging from a basic print to glossy printing & cutting. It's possible to produce a really high quality set of cards from the PDF. You are only limited by the budget that you wish to spend.

Printing at home is not necessarily the best way to save money either. Your print cartridges may be expensive to replace. You may want to take this into consideration before opting to print at home.

Your cards need to be a bit thicker than standard print paper. Otherwise, the card is bound to slip and curl up as you manipulate it on your table. If you want a really durable card stock, there are many options to consider too.  I have used foam board for my collection of tiles. This is super thick, but also light weight. I've heard of other people using thinner materials, but ultimately you want something that will rest firmly on the table without sliding around.

You'll want to glue your printed graphics onto the surface of these previously cut thicker materials. Go light on the glue so as not to soak the paper.

One other solution is to place a rubberized mat on the table. You can buy drawer liners which work great for keeping those cards from slipping around. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The important thing to consider is that you should really only have to do this once. Your cards should last for many years once printed.


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